The Daily Tweet

With all that is happening in the world, does our president really think that 140 characters are appropriate? So much can be misinterpreted, so much needs to be explained and there is no context. Is that too difficult for Trump to grasp? Supporters cried out (or rather shouted) that someone different is needed- not a seasoned insider. Well, how has that worked out? Do you like being the laughingstock of the world instead of a leader? Leadership is not making everything into a battle between winning and “losing”, but rather bringing everyone into play and arriving at something Trump does not understand- COMPROMISE. I am disgusted as so many others are. Of course, I was never a supporter because how can you support a liar and a cheat- someone who managed businesses and made money off the backs of the “small” business contracted to him by declaring bankruptcy 5 or 6 times. He came out a “winner” and those businesses lost everything. There is something more important than profit- it is how you conduct yourself. Ethics- a word that Trump has never shown throughout the campaign and after. Yes, erratic behavior, contradictions, spurious comments that hurt are not in the national interest. Hey Trump supporter- are you still feeling good about this guy?  Yes, the Donald is his own  worst enemy. Can anyone measure up to him? No, I won’t rehash all the things others have said, but to me, ethics matter. How we behave is a symptom of who we really are inside and I don’t like what I see.  I am increasingly skeptical that things will turn around and increasingly fearful of the future. Having a President who is not wanted in many countries for a state visit is itself, troubling, and each day is a new saga to “tsk” about. Bring back the most intellectual, caring, ethical White House of the Obama’s. To use a Donald term, this White House is a “disaster”. Well, at leas it is fodder for bloggers, but I feel stressed and out of sorts. The only one who is making money now is Trump-although that has never been a measure of success for me. Rather, how you live your life in relation to others means much more to me. I will shut up now and let the day progress…

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