Disbelief and Grief

The day after the election I cried- for the great loss of Hillary, for the loss of pride in our electorate, for the loss of the election itself. I don’t want to read how Hillary’s campaign made a few missteps. Never there was a campaign that didn’t make mistakes. But Comey was way off- and should pay for the illegality he announced with no information  nor a warrant. I could sense the people who had decided to back Hillary and said to themselves,”not again!”

The biggest blow was the campaign by Trump. I was embarrassed as  a human being that someone who ran for the highest office in the land could be so crass, so mean, so misogynistic, so anti-semitic, so distasteful, in short a bore and a bully. I was on a cruise with many Canadians and Brits who could not believe what was happening in  America. Not only is Trump inadequate intellectually, but he is an imbecile who refuses to study. Has our electorate gone with the wind and rain that caused flooding throughout our land? He seemed to take pride in the fact that he did not need to know the issues, he did not need to espouse real policies to help us move ahead and continue the work of Obama. Everyone forgets what had taken place when President Obama was sworn in- the collapse of big banks, the undeserved foreclosures of millions of Americans with fraudulent paperwork invented by some get-rich-mortgagors, the collapse of our auto industry and the wrong bailout of AIG. Since when are companies “too big to fail”? I believe in capitalism, but only with regulations that are not stacked against the middle class.

So will we lose the right of women to control their own bodies? Even Catholic countries (Italy, Spain, etc.) recognize this right for women. But we are hypocrites- the right-wingers think they are more knowledgable than a pregnant woman,  espousing things they have no right to control. We lose campaign finance reform- sorely needed.Whoever heard of anyone spending a half a billion dollars on a campaign? Of course only the wealthy can be candidates. We lose out on everything- and who is the “we”?- yes, the middle class and all the ” worker bees ” that keep our country going. How can we ever lower taxes on the wealthy who don’t even pay their fair share as it is? Oh, but the new administration is set to doing just that. What happened to our system of checks and balances? It was thrown out with the proverbial bath water (and the baby, of course).

Americans, we are the laughing stock of the G-20. Even average Europeans joke about us. Yes, I am depressed and distressed that things will get a lot worse.

Nothing more to be said. And yes, I shed more tears for Hillary. My nose is stuffed.

’till next time,


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