More Grief and Tears

Yes, I am still beginning each day with a sense of foreboding. It is not because Obama was a perfect president, because I shook with anger that he somehow could not defend Israel to the utmost degree. Is there another country in the middle east that is a democracy? Does he not know that Jews love to argue and if they don’t have something to argue about, they will create it. I really should say “we” as I am included and have often exhibited such behavior. BUT- Obama was presidential, he brought honor, diplomacy and trust to the office of the presidency. He and FLOTUS were wonderful examples of how a good president acts. His relationship with his children, mother-in-law and staff was something one reads about in books- something genuine and uplifting. He lived his morals and ideals- to the highest degree. Now we come to Trump and all bets are off. He is unreliable, speaks before thinking, tweets whatever comes into his mind (not a very sharp one, either), and truly denigrates the office of the Presidency. I am embarrassed to refer to him as “president” beginning January 20. I am upset that he has been acting as president before his inauguration. I have never witnessed this before  and I find it inappropriate. But there is more, of course. The man lies so often that you cannot tell when he is actually truthful. He does not know what is in the Constitution, does not follow or even know the basic functions of our government, and constantly changes his views. There is no moral compass within him; everything is negotiable. But ethics are not and situational ethics are unreliable and often dangerous. No, Trump does not have what it takes to be president. He was accountable to no one during the campaign. A wall that Mexico will pay for? A Muslim registry? Total defeat of Isis because he knows better than the Generals? He goes on a rampage against people who are not “public figures” , denigrates the press and is taking office with the most conflicts of interest than can be imagined. No one knows the extent of his dealings with foreign governments and he even used the campaign to enrich his businesses rather than hire others. There is little transparency. Where are his tax returns? Does he not want us to know that he neither pays taxes on the millions he earns nor gives real money to charity? He has used his foundation as a personal piggy bank in contravention of regulations for a charitable foundation. These are the same things he castigated Hillary for and she did not do any of these. I fear for our country, I fear for the millions who were duped by his rhetoric and voted for him when their medical insurance withers and dies. I fear for the future of social security. And I cringe when I think of him foaming at the mouth and spouting off at will in front of heads of state. He is inarticulate, uncouth, loud-mouthed and a bully. Now, is that all? No- but it will suffice for awhile.










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