The Saga Continues

I must confess that as the days roll by, I am getting more nervous about what will happen on January 20. Throughout my life, I looked forward to inauguration day–even if I was not enamored with the choice. This is a time for America to raise its awareness in the eyes of the world that we, too have pomp and circumstance–we have our own traditions and ceremonies. But this year is different. I fear the event and its aftermath and I will never be able to reconcile  my feelings of revulsion to a person who comes off as a dumb bunny (sorry , bunnies, I know you are not that dumb). He blunders into situations with little or no preparation (just like the debates where his mode was to deflect, attack and be nasty so you don’t have to answer the questions), says whatever jumps into his mind, knows more than the generals about our military issues, and doesn’t need the intelligence briefings because they are repetitive! He loves people who pay him compliments and is quick to anger at any person who voices their opinion of him when it is less than glowing. There goes our diplomacy- out the window and off with the wind to better climes- not in Washington. Does he really think he can be president and put up foreign dignitaries at his own hotel? We don’t know the extent of his foreign entanglements via his businesses because he refused to make his tax returns public as all the presidents have done for years- and all the candidates as well. So he’ll go along if Congress decides to gut the ethics provisions, he will stand behind the most horrible selections for a cabinet- people heading agencies that they want to do away with. How about an attorney-general who wants to gut the voters’ rights act, take away civil rights from as many as possible, do away with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security or at the very least, make these programs so small and inconsequential that the welfare rolls of previously managing families will skyrocket and the economy will tank (but the rich will get richer because all those pesky regulations that regulate business will not be enforced). I wonder when all those white laborers who voted for Trump will finally wake up and find that there are no roses for them. Trump does not believe that a full time worker deserves a living wage-even $15 an hour is iffy. So yes, the closer we get to January 20, the greater my fear.I don’t even know if I can watch. That’s enough for now. Another installment soon.


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