Now I’ve Heard it all

I thought that things could not get worse. In a first press conference our new

president is more concerned with how many people were on the Washington Mall and that his inaugural was the biggest in history! This is something that needed to be said? Or that the great Donald appeared on the cover of Time magazine more than any other person–not even close according to a former editor of Time. (actually, not even in the top 15! I am sure he would like to know that Hillary has appeared more on Time than the president. Somehow I did not think things could be worse- but they were. He had to appear at the CIA to have something to report about, but even there, he had to lie.

He had to tell them how much he values them- yes, that’s why he doesn’t even read the special security briefing the President receives each morning.” It is too long,” he has remarked; he obviously needs the reader’s digest version (sorry reader’s digest). He prefers a few lines with bullet points- why should he have to read more? This man is so limited in his use of the English language. I find him inarticulate, nasty, and brash. Everything has to reflect back on him. “Nobody feels more about the intelligence community than I”- is what he said to the CIA. Please Obama, come back!

Where is the humility? Where is the connection to our history that the presidency reflects? What about heroism and bravery and sacrifice that so many unheralded people have given for this country? Where are the statements intended to bring people together? With his paranoia and his narcissism we are in for long days and nervous moments in time. I can’t even imagine the dangers that lurk in the coming months that await us. I am saddened as an American. We are all immigrants here. I am second generation. My father was born in New York City’s lower east side in 1904, his father having come to this country sometime in the 1880’s. Does this give me any greater legitimacy than a newcomer? Unequivocally NO.

Today had its great moments. The peaceful demonstrations in so many cities made me feel that if we can keep it together, maybe our voices will be heard. The more than 500,000 in Washington and the 250,000 in Chicago- the thousands in Los Angeles, Boston, Paris, Rome and other places was reminiscent of the marches I went on in the 60’s and 70’s against the Viet Nam War and the freedom marches for civil rights and the marches for the Equal Rights Amendment. I was a burn-your-bra feminist and  felt that marching is for a new, younger generation of people who have yet to establish themselves as activists trying to influence policy. I hope and pray that this lasts. I will watch and wait for another day. Let’s see what happens tomorrow and the next day.

To be continued…





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